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tv   News4 Today  NBC  December 10, 2016 9:00am-9:30am EST

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police arresting a man who escaped along the way to jail. this happened around 9:30 last night. the man was being taken to the county jail from a traffic stop, but somehow he got out of his handcuffs and ran away. they found him about 30 minutes later. ash carter says more u.s. soldiers will
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in syria to help in the fight against isis. with minutes to spare, congress preventing a government shut down. the senate approving a stop gap spending bill that would keep the government running through april 28th. we welcome you back in on this cold saturday morning. good morning. we've got tom out there on the weather deck. i hope he's bundled up properly. >> let's see, how many layers does he have on? >> the technology for winter clothing is amazing now. you get this lightweight coat like i have but it's got the fiber fill insulation and it feels comfortable out here. i'm looking at the nbc washington app and our temperature out here is 29 degrees. got a beautiful blue sky. a little bit of a breeze. live view f
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and off in the distance is friendship heights and into montgomery county. we're at or below freezing. reagan nation up to 33 degrees. all dry on radar. no snow or rain and hour-by-hour temperatures will make it into the mid to upper 30s by mid afternoon with lots of sunshine. a look at our next chance and first chance this season for accumulating snow coming up this half hour. >> thanks. we'll check in with you then. all new this morning an arlington police cruiser totaled after a driver slammed into it. the driver went to the hospital. the police were making a traffic stop when the driver hit the cruise and overturned. this happened not far from washington boulevard. we're working to figure out how badly the driver was hurt. four
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place to live this morning after a fire. a fire broke out at a home on worshem court after 11:00 last night. no one was hurt. that fire was an accident likely caused by an electrical issue. as many as 1 million could make their way to d.c. for the presidential inauguration next month. airbnb expects 10,000 of those folks to book through their republic site and that could coincidence with new regulations the board is voting on this morning. >> reporter: looking to stay in the cherrydale neighborhood for a few nights, the murphys think their home might attract you. >> we haven't had any bad experiences surprisingly. >> reporter: three years ago they began listing their home. it's helped them supplement their lost savings. >> we lost about half of our
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in the crash of 2008 and it was shortly after that we heard about airbnb. >> reporter: up until now short-term rentals like airbnb haven't been fully legal. saturday the arlington county board could change that. >> we're going to adopt this and make it legal to do. >> reporter: they'll aapply regulations to require permits and limits the number of guests to six. initially they prohibited hosts from serving food and drinks. >> we're not prohibiting it, but we're not saying anything about it. >> reporter: that's good news for the murphys. >> andy makes great muffins that we serve on the first morning people are here. we want to get that personal element. >> reporter: that personal touch for a couple who also enjoys the company. >> if you don't like people, you're not gonna last long in this business.
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leaves. >> the murphys tell me they've booked for inauguration weekend. airbnb expects 10,000 guests to book through their website and most bookings are coming from folks in new york, louisian.a. boston. you can see the most popular neighborhood they'll stay in by searching rentals in our washington app. we're getting the first look at dylann roof's confession tape. jurors watched this video in court on friday. roof told investigators he's a white supremacist and wanted to start a race war. the tape is hard to hear but you can hear roof chuckle when detectives asked if he was the shooter. >> i went to the church in charleston and
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>> investigators also released video showing roof walking into emanuel last year. roof's defense team is not disputing the facts. their goal is to have him avoid the death penalty. emergency room doctors and nurses work to save lives, many never really get to see the patients after those patients are checked out of the hospital. >> but once a year at george washington university hospital trauma patients get a chance to thank those employees. news 4 got a chance to see one of those reunions at the fifth annual trauma survivors day. >> reporter: sam is walking up the aisle and taking a seat. it seems simple until you consider this was sam a short time ago. >> the last nine months have been the most difficult nine months of my life. >> reporter: in february he was hit by a metro train and nearly lost his life. that night
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schroder was the one on call. >> he arrived having suffered impressive injuries. >> reporter: even more impressive the way he's handled with the will power for weight lifting. >> when they said they had to accompany at a time my legs i asked if i was going to be taller. >> reporter: he was one of seven patients who came back to say thank you. >> i'm glad to see you're doing great. that's what we're happy about. >> it's rewarding for me because these are the people who took care of when when i couldn't take care of myself. >> thanks so much. >> reporter: one of those people his therapist. >> i was so uplifted to kind of see, recognize and witness what has happened. it brought a tear to my eye. >> i thought at age 23 i've got a lot to look forward. >> reporter: he's looking forward and paying it forward to others like himself. >> maybe create a mobile
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application for mental health and wellness because that's not addressed enough in our society. new day starts and do whatever you can. >> reporter: whatever he does his team says they'll be there for him every step of the way. in the district. >> we'll get there. >> yeah, you'll get there. >> reporter: news 4. attacked by a police dog and shot by an officer, the controversial traffic st that lopef
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a lot going on here. let's break it down for you. this is dash cam video showing an officer involved in a shooting in iowa. the officer pulled over the man for a license plate light violation, but after some words began to take him into custody. you can see cung
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officer's handcuffs. that's when the officer released his canine, but the suspect is able to get back in the car and try to drive off. it's all about to unfold here. the officer shot the suspect as the suspect was driving away. here's that struggle right there. he gets into his car. the suspect ended up paralyzed. new safety concerns for metro, a new report from the federal transit administration focuses on the train's power system. the report uncovered more than 20 issues that need to be addressed. problems with that system can lead to smoke and fires on the tracks. the report says officials found deterioration in the traction power system and key parts aren't working as they should. metro says it's been aggressively working on these power issues and on improving safety. many of us waking up to temperatures in the 20s and the 30s. yes, december's
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forecast with how you can plan for the weekend. this weekend is going to be cold, cold, cold. the time is now to winterize your car like making sure your tires are ready for the winter. coming up, what you need to do now to make sure you're ready for the road. >reporter: button>
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good morning. we have bright sun and a cold blue sky. live view from our tower camera, what to wear today? wear your warmest winter gear. don't let that stop you from getting out and getting in a walk, just dress accordingly. you'll need the sunglasses as well. we'll have sunshine through the afternoon. our first chance for a measurable snow is coming in a few minutes. the temperatures are pretty low, hats, gloves, needed, all that, but that's not stopping some folks from getting out and enjoying their weekend. >> not us, we like to be indoors. but derrick ward is out and about and headed down to the national mall this morning. you can see him out there chatting with folks daring to go out and all layered up. good morning, derrick. >> reporter: good morning. people don't want to stop and talk. they want to keep moving. that breeze is out. folks say this i
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weather. there's your proof. what the rest of the world calls football soccer. if you're exerting yourself you build up heat, but you still have to layer up because that wind is whipping through. the hawk is definitely in effect out here. not as bad as some folks have been getting up around the great lakes because all that cold and wind mixed with the moisture mixed in gives you lake effect snow. we may see snow later next week, but right now it's a matter of being layered and keeping moving. sometimes being in the sun helps, not that much right now, but it could be worse and it may get worse. we're live on the mall. back to you. >> we got to prepare for that. thanks. the seeds are planted for a new apple store. we're talking about downtown. >> downtown d.c., news 4 mark seagrave shows us what the building will look like as a new
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and hasn't been used as a library since the '70s and is now used for private parties and is home to the historical society of washington. there has been a propose in had approved to lease the building to apple. the chair says it's a win for the building and district because apple will be making a big investment. >> updating it, renovating, and we're going to create jobs. >> reporter: this won't be the first time apple has transformed a historic building into a modern store. apple has hired the same store that designed its stores in san francisco and london. one concern for some in the neighborhood is a retail store wanting to put parking spaces on what is now a park. >> the green space will remain
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>> reporter: while colby stewart uses apple products the building has a special place in her memories. it was home to her promise. >> it shouldn't be an apple store. it's a land mark. they can get another store anywhere else around here. >> reporter: details still have to be worked out so we're about two years away from a store opening here. as for the historical society, they have a lease that goes for about another 80 years. the executive director says he thinks this is a great opportunity for the society and the library. and you might recall that we reported the building has a mold problem a few months ago. that's still being remediated. news 4. it seems president obama will be leaving office with a parting gift for federal workers. a small hike in their expected pay increase. the president sent a letter to congress authorizing an average pay raise of 2.1%. his
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was 1.6% but the president noted that congress approved a larger raise for members of the military. the order provides the same raise to civilian employees. that raise takes effect in january. music legend bob dylan won't be at today's noble prize event in sweden. he was awarded the prize in october for his work in music. he says he has other commitments he made and can't accept the prize in person. from the pacific northwest to upstate new york and parts of texas, temperatures dropping and snow -- look at that video -- making an appearance in some places. >> we're talking about snow here too this week. news 4 kristen wright shows us how you can be prepared for winter before the snow hits our region. >> reporter: our cars are feeling the cold too and as the temperature drops this weekend, it gets harder for our vehicles to keep moving. >> the engine is going to be
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>> reporter: that's the service manager tom. he says pretty soon people are going to be lining up at the station to winterize their cars. first on the checklist, the battery. make sure it's strong. >> any service station can check your battery to see if it's holding its load properly or they'll let them know it's weak. if it's weak it's a good to have it changed because when you need it the most that's when it's going to fail. >> reporter: next have your oil changed. >> if it's clean it's easier for the engine to start up. >> reporter: take the time now to check the coolant system important as temperatures fall below freezing and the tires, have them checked now. >> if they're more than five years old most likely they're dried out. they're not going to grip the road as well. >> reporter: the other thing you want to do to make sure you can see out of your windshield on those snowy nights is to always top off your windshield wiper fluid and make sure to keep a jug i
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in northwest washington, news 4. >> perfect timing to get your car ready because that four letter word -- you keep talking about it, because that's what you do. >> which one are you talking about? >> the one that starts with "s." >> she cringes every time you say snow. >> hey, in addition to what kristen was mentioning check your tire pressure as well. with cold weather like we have now that will lower your tire pressure so make sure they're properly inflated as well as make sure that the outdoor facets make sure the water feeds are shut off because they could crack and cause flooding in the interior. we're talking about this on the tracking winter weather special is on tonight at 7:30. there's our cold
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over the metro area now. live view from our tower camera. temperatures are just now near freezing. much of the region upper 20s and low 30s. reagan national now 30 degrees. we have a lighter wind today. mid to upper 30s by 2:00 and mostly clear tonight and back down near freezing by 10:00 tonight and by dawn on sunday back into the 20s. increasing clouds and in the low 40s and monday rain likely for the morning commute and then it ends and we may warm into the 50s monday afternoon. that's going to be the warmest day here for the next ten days. 40s on tuesday and partly sunny and then our first chance of any measurable snow may be wednesday afternoon into wednesday evening. could get some light accumulations on grassy areas. then cold on
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and another chance maybe of a little more measurable snow changing to sleet and rain a week from today. next weekend looking and feeling like winter. that's the way it looks. thank you so much. it was shared thousands of times online, but it was not real. the consequences for fios is not cable. we're wired differently. the consequences for that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly.
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it's a story being shared by thousands online, but it's not real. >> you got it, right? it's not real. >> now i get it. >> it's about a fake toy ad that made some people mad, others laughed out loud. it's being billed as the fisher price happy hour play set complete with a play beer and beer bolttles but it's not real. a dad posted the ad online but it's not real. fisher price is not happy at all. they've been reaching out to customers to clarify this product is not real. >> not available for had my nieces and enounephews. let's set you up with four things to know. police arresting a man who escaped on the way to jail. he was picked up at a traffic stop, got out of the handcuffs and ran away and found 30 minutes later. as many as 200 soldiers will
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battle against isis in addition to the 300 soldiers authorized to help with the efforts there. congress avoiding a shut down last night passing a stop gap bill until the end of april. donald trump attending the army navy football game today. sunshine in the upper 30s and low 40s on sunday and maybe rain on monday morning. >> thank you, tom. that's going to do it for us on news 4 today. appreciate you being with us on th♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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hi, everybody, welcome to "inside the redskins" on nbc4. i'm rick "doc" walker at redskins park. the team needs to win at least three of the next four games in order to make a spot in the playoff. while they can't win the division per se, they can still get in, and once you get in, anything's possible. the players are buckling down, getting ready to take on the philadelphia eagles tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. this is a must win. head coach jay gruden has the keys to the game and it's brought to you by long and foster, proud partner of the washington redskins. >> coach, trip to philly coming up on sunday. their offense with wentz, maybe he's thrown a f


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